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The CUADC props store is packed full of useful items to help you add detail to your show – whether it’s Shakespeare or pantomime! We have a selection of commonly needed items for productions of genres, as well as a number of more obscure objects!

The props store is run by the Stage Managers’ Rep, and is located in the ADC Theatre.

PLEASE NOTE: The props store does NOT contain furniture. The ADC Theatre Management administers a furniture store, available to all shows at the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom. Please address any enquiries about furniture hire, including tables and chairs, to production@adctheatre.com.

How to access props:

  • The props store is open by appointment only. Complete the booking form here at least a week in advance to arrange a time to meet to look at any items you’d like to see.
  • You can also email the Stage Manager’s Rep at sm@cuadc.org with any queries about the needs for your show. They will always be happy to tell you what’s available in advance.
  • Props may be used free of charge by any show at the ADC or Corpus Playroom, and are available to non ADC shows with a safety deposit.
  • Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about props at all, or any more general stage management queries!

Conditions of hire:

  • At the end of your show’s run the props must be returned by the agreed return date (usually the day after your show finishes).
  • Props should be returned to the “Props Return Box” which is just outside the Props Store
  • Please return your props in the condition you would wish them to be issued to you – in particular all crockery and glassware must be washed up.
  • You will incur a charge for any damages, losses, breakages, or significant degradation to the quality of the prop.
  • Contact the SM Rep with any arising issues.